Have you ever realised how it is so difficult to get reliable source on information. Especially where a print source is found after travelling to the nearest convenient stores such filling stations and small complexes. Maybe that complex is some ten kilometers away from where you are staying.

Oh yes, I've been there. I have struggled myself to get information to shape my career, information to fund my village youth organisation, information just to empower myself.

If you are reading this you are blessed as now things have changed. Things have changed for the better.

The introduction of digital life has been an awesome experience. The fact that you might be reading this on a computer, tablet, mobile  phone or you have printed this article is a benefit of technological developments.

I love the digital world, I am always glued to my lap top and my mobile phone. So, I thought about this crisis of not being able to access info and I said to myselt "Adam, please help fellow brother and sister with this technological wisdom".

So, I decided to crate an information hub called LearnersGuide.Co.Za. "Assisting you in shaping your career" is a motto for this info hub.

You will find information on topics such as:
How to Pass Unisa Exams
How to Pass Matric with a Bachelor
How to Improve or Upgrade you Matric Results
How to Apply for Bursaries just to mention a few. I am so excited in updating you on the "How To" relating to your career, life and business establishments.

See a snippets on Google for a search of LearnersGuide.Co.Za.

If you are looking for any information regarding to your career fields, do not hesitate to talk to me at adam@salearnerships.com

This website is there for you and you should use it and spread the word about it.